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  • What is a syndication?
    A real estate syndication is the pooling of funds from private investors to purchase large income producing commercial assets.
  • What is our Team's deal criteria?
    Our team is sourcing commercial asset deals to include apartment buildings, mobile home parks, and self-storage facilities. We are sourcing assets in growing markets that have a very high chance of natural appreciation. We highly scrutinize deals to ensure we are able to execute a strict business plan and achieve asymmetric returns for our investors.
  • What is the difference between active and passive investing?
    In a syndication the active investor also referred to as the “General Partner” executes all the sweat equity in the deal from sourcing the deal, raising capital, physical inspection of the property, asset takeover and asset management of the property. The passive investor also referred as the “Limited Partner” is solely responsible for just committing funds to the deal.
  • What are our targeted returns and hold period of the investment?
    We target deals that have a minimum of 15% annual average return and also have an equity multiplier of 2x to include the sale of the property. We look to execute the business plan to achieve these returns over a 3-5 year hold time of the asset.
  • Who is our targeted audience?
    We want to help all sophisticated investors accredited and non-accredited passively invest in the wealth building power of real estate.
  • Why passively invest in commercial real estate?
    Passively investing in commercial real estate is an incredible hedge against inflation, it has great tax depreciating benefits, and you can make your money work for you while just sitting back and collecting monthly or quarterly returns.
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